3 NBA free agents who just needs to retire

Now I know strong veterans presence on an NBA team could be good for the development of the younger players. However, there are times when the league has players who’re doing nothing but taking up a roster spot from someone younger, and more deserving. With that said,  I have compiled a short list 3 NBA players who I personally feel needs to just hang up their sneakers and just move on with their lives.

Jason Terry 

The 39-year-old Terry had no business in the NBA last season. After becoming a free agent at the end of 2016 season. Terry made the announcement on NBA radio that the Rockets wasn’t interested in re-signing him.I personally thought Terry career was over, until his friend and head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks (Jason Kidd), not only gave Terry a job but actually played him. His response was 4 points, 1 assists, and 1 rebound, in 18 minutes of play.

Metta World Peace

The basketball player formerly known as Ron Artist is an NBA champion and former All Star. Once recognized as one of the league’s top defenders,  the 37-year-old, probably couldn’t guard Ron Baker, from the  Knicks in today NBA. He played last season for the Los Angeles Lakers and posted career lows in points  (2)  rebounds (.8), assists (.4) and minutes (6) per game.

Deron Williams

If an NBA team decides to give Deron Williams a contract this season (or any season) it must be a tax write off.  At this stage of his game, Williams is nothing but a liability. He lacks the quickness or ability to stay in front of today’s NBA guards, and the killer crossover he once had, is a thing of the past. Injuries and the pressure of playing in Brooklyn pretty much did Williams in. The 32 year older went from being arguably the best point guard in the league to needing a one-way ticket to go play in China with Stephon Marbury.