NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Adam Silver tells players “They must stand”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has sent out a memo reminding teams they must stand for the National Anthem. With all the protesting of the National Anthem by professional leagues, like the NFL and WNBA.  Adam Silver is clearly concerned that the NBA is next.

The protest started last season when former NFL player Colin Kaepernick took a knee. Instead of standing for the National Anthem. Unlike the NBA the NFL do not have a rule that players must stand for the Anthem. So Kaepernick exercised his right to not stand and protest against the brutality that blacks suffer in this country. Because of this Kaepernick does not have a job in the NFL right now. Which ultimately sparks a firestorm and motivated other NFL players to stand. WNBA  team the Los Angeles Sparks. Have been leaving the court, before the start of the Anthem. Then returning at the conclusion of it.

As for Adam Silver, he knows that standing for the National Anthem is bad for business. Players standing could jeopardize advertising dollars, as well as piss some of the fans off.  Silver did suggest that players can protest in other ways. However, I just can’t figure out what else would be affective.

How the players take to this is going to be interesting. I really can’t say I’ll be mad at NBA players for following the rules of their employment. Because to me, it’s funny how we as black people expect professional athletics to make sacrifices for our race. When a lot of us refuse the use the same concept when it’s time to support one another. Yea It’s easy to say that NBA players should stand, even if it means being fined. But before you do. Make sure you’re willing to make that same sacrifice when someone asks you to log on to