Brooklyn Nets add more trash to their roster

After losing out on Otto Porter to the Washington Wizards, the Brooklyn Nets plan b was to take a overpaid Demarr Carroll off the Toronto Raptors hands, in exchange for Justin Hamilton. The Brooklyn Nets will receive a future first and second round pick from Toronto, but Carroll comes with a 30 million dollar price

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Rudy Gay headed to San Antonio

According to several reports, NBA forward Rudy Gay and the San Antonio Spurs have agreed to a 2 year 17 million dollar deal. The 30-year-old Gay has battled several injuries in his 13-year NBA career but still is going to be a good addition for the Spurs. Gay was drafted 8th overall by the Memphis

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Taj Gibson and Minnesota agrees to 2 year 28 million

Power forward Taj Gibson and the Minnesota Timberwolves have agreed to a 2 a year 28 million deal, reuniting Gibson and Coach Tom Thibodeau back together. Gibson played with the Chicago Bulls from 2009-2017, he played under Coach Tom Thibodeau from 2010-2015, before Thibodeau got fired by the Chicago Bulls.

Jeff Teague heading to Minnesota

According to several reports, Indiana Pacers starting point guard Jeff Teague has agreed to deal that will have him going to Minnesota to play alongside Jimmy Bulter, Andrew Wiggins, and Karl-Anthony Townson. It became obvious that the Timberwolves was going to make a play for a point guard after the team traded away Ricky Rubio

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