Bucks Force Game 7

The Milwaukee Bucks aren’t ready to go home. In what could have been their elimination game, the Bucks stepped up. They beat the Celtics 97-86.

The Milwaukee  Bucks returned to their home court after a 92-87 loss in TD Garden.   Giannis Antetokoumpo had 16 points in that game. However, in this game he had 31 points. He also had 14 rebounds to go along with 31 points. He tallied a double-double. Kris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon scored 16 points each. Jabari Parker scored 9 points, but grabbed 11 rebounds.

Milwaukee forced a Game 7 when they were on the verge on elimination. The Celtics had the chance to close out the series, but they couldn’t do it. Milwaukee has another chance to win the series. The series continues at TD Garden on Saturday. In this series, the home team has won every game. The Celtics won their three games on their home court, while the Bucks have done the same. The Celtics are likely to win Game 7,but that is not guaranteed. The Bucks have lasted 6 games. If they come to play, they can win the series and advance to the second round. Whichever team wins will face the Sixers. The Sixers were impressive in their first round series. The Celtics or Bucks will have  a challenge on their hands. Both teams will have to be prepared.

On Saturday, I expect a competitive game. This series has been slightly under the radar, but both teams are playing hard. Whichever team advances to the next round deserve it. All I can say is may the best team win.