Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin goes at Jeremy Lin

So Kenyon Martin bashed Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin, because of this hairdo.  Lin has been sporting a mohawk with dreads and for some reason.  Kenyon Martin felt compelled to go on his Instagram page and Slam Lin because of this.He started by posting a picture of Lin with his new hairdo.Then stated the following in a video. “I’m confused, puzzled,

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waba standings

WABA makes it though their first season

The Women American Basketball Association (WABA)  has gotten through their first season. The league is the female version of the American Basketball Association (ABA) … Which is a men’s semi-pro basketball league that has teams spread out through the entire United States. As the for WABA. Their inaugural season started this July and will finish

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Lamar Odom wants to coach now

According to several reports, former NBA player Lamar Odom was invited to attend a Lakers pre-draft practice by current Laker coach Luke Walton. When Odom was asked would he be interested in joining Walton’s coaching staff Lamar response was simply “yes”. There’s another report out there that states Lamar was kicked out a strip club

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