Cavs Sweep Raptors

It’s time for the Raptors to pack their bags and go home. The fourth seed Cleveland Cavaliers beat the first seed Toronto Raptors 128-93. The Cavs destroyed the Raptors in this series

The Cavs swept the Raptors after 4 straight wins over the Raptors. Some of them were close, then some of them were blowouts. Tonight’s game was a 35 point blowout.

LeBron James had a double-double (near triple-double) with 29 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds. LeBron’s onslaught on the Raptors kept going. Whether it was his game winner in last game, or the 43 point game in Game 2, LeBron never let up on the Raptors.

Kevin Love had 23 points. Kyle Korver had 16 points J.R Smith scored 15 points on 100% shooting. George Hill scored 12 points. The Cavs shot 60% as a team. The Cavs stepped up when it was necessary.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. They have a chance to rest while they wait for their Eastern Conference Finals opponent. Earlier tonight, the Sixers beat the Celtics 103-92. The Celtics were expected to sweep the 76ers, but they couldn’t do it. Now, the Celtcs and Sixers will play to at least a Game 5. Then, whoever wins the series will go on to face the Cavs.

The Cavs destroyed the Raptors, after a challenging series from the Pacers. In the first round, the Cavs and Pacers went to a Game 7. But, in the second round, they swept their opponent. The Raptors had expectations this year, but they were a disappointment. It is likely that they will make moves in the summer.

The NBA playoffs are moving quickly. The Cavs are the first team to reach the Conference Finals for their respective conference. Other second round match-ups are still going, but they are almost finished. The Warriors have a 3-1 lead over the Pelicans, and the Rockets also have a 3-1 lead over the Jazz. Those series continue tomorrow. The Cavaliers won their series, but who is next? We will possibly have the answer tomorrow.