Cavs Tie Series 2-2

In LeBron James’s 6th 40 plus point game in playoffs, the Cavaliers tied their series against the Celtics. The Cavs beat the Celtics 111-102.

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Celtics in what is potentially a key game for them. The Cavaliers won on their home-court in both Game 3 and Game 4. If the Cavs would have lost even one of these games in Cleveland, the series would go entirely different. However, they took advantage of the games in Cleveland and tied the series.

LeBron James led the Cavaliers with 44 points. James took 28 shots, and made 17 of them. Overall, he shot 60.7% from the field. James had 7 turnovers, but he still managed to not only score, but score efficiently. James was one of four players to score in double figures. Kyle Korver scored 14 points. Korver was solid defensively, and blocked 3 shots in this game. Tristan Thompson had a double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds. George Hill also had 13 points. Hill was 6-of-9 from the field, after shooting 4-of-11 in Game 3.

The Celtics played better in this game, but it wasn’t enough. For example, in Game 3, Al Horford had 7 points. This game, he had 15 points and 7 rebounds. Jaylen Brown had 23 points, after he scored 10 points with 3-of-8 shooting in Game 3. In Game 3, the Celtics lost by 30. This time, they fought towards the end of the game and cut the lead down to 9. The Celtics looked better in tonight’s game, in comparison to their performance in Game 3.  While the Celtics lost both games, it should be noted that the Celtics have only won 1 road game in this year’s playoffs. In comparison to their 9-0 record at home.

The next game of the series takes place on Wednesday. The Celtics will be back in TD Garden. They can continue their streak at home. Or, the Cavaliers will snap their streak. In order to win the series, the Cavs must do it anyway.

In the beginning, it seemed like the series would be one-sided. The Celtics took a commanding 2-0 lead, and the Cavs played horrible. Now, things have changed. The Cavs are back in the series, and we have a competitive series. These last few games are crucial, and both teams should play up to their expectations if they expect to win.