Celtics Advance to Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics’s playoff journey continues. After two solid series, the Celtics are in the Eastern Conference Finals. They will face the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference championship.

Last night, the Celtics beat the Philadelphia 76ers in a close game. They won 114-112. This game came down to the final possession. Ben Simmons  a full-court inbound pass, and Boston deflected it. The Celtics secured the win with this defensive play.

Before this happened, Boston had the opportunity to make it a two point game, but Marcus Smart missed a free-throw. Smart missed his first free-throw, and tried to intentionally miss the second. But, the second shot went in. However, Smart redeemed himself by deflecting Simmons’s inbound pass. This crucial play led them to victory.

Jayson Tatum led Boston with 25 points. The other four starters also scored in double figures. Jaylen Brown had 24 points. Terry Rozier had 17 points. The veteran Al Horford had 15 points. Aron Baynes had 13 points. Marcus Smart also had 14 points off the bench.

Boston’s next opponent is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs beat their second round opponents on Monday. They swept the Raptors. Although the Raptors were the higher seed, the Cavs destroyed them. The Celtics could potentially be a better challenger for the Cavs.

The Eastern Conference begin on Sunday. The first game of the series takes place in Boston. The Celtics are undefeated at home in the playoffs, despite a few close games. Boston The Celtics will take full advantage of their home court, and put pressure on the Cavs. The Cavs won away games in their previous series, but the Celtics will be more difficult.

This series has the potentially to be a 7-game series. Both teams desperate want to win, but only one team can get to the finals. The Celtics are young, but they play hard. The Cavs are older, but they have LeBron James. This series would also have a “storyline” if Kyrie Irving was healthy. Regardless, this should be a good series