Celtics Beat Sixers 117-101

The Boston Celtics made a statement on their home court. They beat the Sixers 117-101.

The Celtics had little time to rest, as their first round series ended on Saturday. They went through a 7 game series with the Milwaukee Bucks.Tonight, the Celtics were right back on the court. They started their second round series against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers were well rested, as they had nearly a week off. In some cases, extended time off works to the team’s advantage. Or, it works against them. They can be refreshed and ready to play, or they can be sluggish. It all depends on the team. Regardless, the Celtics took advantage of the Sixers’ time off.

Terry Rozier led the Celtics with 29 points. Rozier continues to make a name for himself in the playoffs. Jayson Tatum scored 28 points on 50% shooting. Al Horford scored 26 points. In other words, three out of five Celtic starters combined for 83 points.  That is certainly impressive for their starters. In fact, it is impressive for any starting line-up. The Celtics also received contribution from one of their bench players. Marcus Morris scored 11 points.

The Celtics won despite good performances from several Sixer players. Joel Embiid had 31 points. He also had 13 rebounds. JJ Redick had 20 points,even though he shot 29% from three-point range. Redick is known for his shooting ability, but he had an off game shooting wise. Regardless, he still was the Sixers’ second leading scorer. Ben Simmons had 18 points, and was near another triple-double. He also had 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Dario Saric had 12 points. Marco Belinelli had 11 points.

The Celtics have a 1-0 over the Sixers. Their next game is on Thursday. The game takes place in Boston. If anything, I expect this series to be like the first round. Each team will win on their home courts. This series could potentially go 5 games or more, and I am here for it.