Celtics GM Danny Ainges

Celtics granted disabled player exception

The NBA has granted the Boston Celtics an 8.4 million dollars disabled player exceptions. The exception was granted because Boston loss, Gordon Hayward to a season-ending injury in the first game of their season.

How does this work

Since the Boston Celtics loss Gordon Hayward to an injury that may keep him sidelined for the entire season. The Celtics are eligible is able to apply for a disabled player exceptions (which they did).  Once granted by the NBA. Boston can now sign a player who’s even a free agent or in the last year of his contract. The money that’s given to this player will not go against Boston salary cap. Meaning it won’t put them further over the NBA salary cap.

The Boston Celtics 2017-18 payroll is at 113 million. With 109 million of that money guaranteed. Now let’s imagine them trying to sign a free agent and adding more money to that payroll. They’re still on the books for close to 30 million this season. With Gordon Hayward (and he’s not even playing).

Now that the NBA has granted Boston the exceptions.  Danny Ainge’s can easily decide not to use it. Let’s face it –  It’s  just isn’t many free agents out there that can help Boston right now. I mean who they’re going sign?  Roy Hibbert and Matt Barnes? or  Maybe Boston can just make a  trade! but for who? and more importantly, who would they have to give up?

My suggestion is for the Boston Celtics to just hold on to what they have and move forward. Even though they were granted the “disabled player exceptions”. Gordon Hayward is still allowed to come back and play this season. If he becomes healthy enough to do so before the season ends. However, that’s very unlikely, but then again, you just never know.