Cleveland Cavaliers Advance To The NBA Finals

For the fourth straight year, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to the NBA Finals. The Cavs beat the Celtics 87-79 to become the Eastern Conference Champions.

LeBron James continues to make history as he is going into his 8th straight NBA Finals. He led the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory with 35 points and 15 rebounds. James was one assist away from a triple-double. While he had a good game, he also had 8 turnovers. James played in yet another Game 7, and stepped up when his team needed him.

The Cavs also received contributions from their starters, which was much needed. Jeff Green scored 19 points and had 8 rebounds. Green stepped into the starting role after Kevin Love was listed out for this game. In Game 6,Love was in a collision with Jayson Tatum and is going through concussion protocol. Love was in attendance of Game 7, but he stayed in the locker room. Jeff Green has had a rough series (and playoffs for that matter) but he stepped up when the Cavs needed him. J.R Smith scored 12 points after a bad start. Tristan Thompson scored 10 points and nearly had a double-double with 9 points.

Cleveland shot 45.5 percent from the field , which was 11.4 percent better than the Celtics. However, both teams shot bad from three-point range. The Cavs shot 25.7 percent and the Celtics shot 17.9 percent. Both teams were nearly neck and neck in free-throw percentage. The Cavaliers shot 72 percent and the Celtics shot 73.7.

The Boston Celtics suffered their first loss at home at the worst time. Their playoff home game winning streak was ended in Game 7, and finished 10-1 at home.

The Cavs are waiting for their Western Conference opponent. Game 7 of the Western Conference takes place tomorrow. On Saturday, the Warriors forced a Game 7 after being down at halftime. Klay Thompson scored 35 points and helped the Warriors tie the series. Now, both teams will face off for the final game of the series. Then,whoever wins this game will face the Cavaliers on Thursday.

The Cavaliers are back in the NBA Finals. They fought hard and this series, and the next series could be potentially harder. They will face the Houston Rockets, or their Western Conference rivals the Golden State Warriors. If the Warriors win, this will be the fourth time that they play them in the Finals. But, the Rockets want to prove a point. The Rockets want to dethrone the Warriors, and this is their opportunity. We are one step closer to the NBA Finals. Once the Rockets and Warriors series is over, the best of the West will compete against the best of the East. In other words, the best NBA team (of that year) wins. Let the games begin.