Cleveland Cavaliers player Lebron James

Cleveland Cavaliers Looking Real Bad

The Cleveland Cavaliers came into the season, as the clear favorite to come out the Eastern Conference. However, after just seven games into their season. The Cavs is looking like a team that’s not even going to make the playoffs.

The Cavaliers started the season off strong by first beating the Boston Celtics. Then they beat the Milwaukee Bucks on the road. Afterwards, they lose Derrick Rose to a sprained ankle and dropped the next three out off four games. The worst part about these losses is the fact that two out the three were blowouts.

The Orlando Magic beat them by 21. The Pelicans whipped on them by 22. Then the New York Knicks dropped them by 19 points with Derrick Rose. Which proves the loss of Derrick Rose wasn’t the problem.


Then I wonder if the age of the Clevland Cavaliers players was the real problem? I mean without looking anything up. The Cavs has to be the oldest team in the NBA. Lebron and Jr Smith are both 32.  Kyle Kover and Jose Calderon are 36. Dwyane Wade is 35. Channing Frye is 34 and Jeff Green is 31.

The Cleveland Cavaliers desperately needs some youth on their roster that can make an immediate impact. Which I know is easier said than done, but they’re going to have to figure something out. Because if they can’t deal with the Knicks,  Magic, and Pelicans. I really hate to see when the Rockets, Warriors, and Wizards come to town.