Former Clippers player Blake Griffin

Clippers dump Blake on Pistons

Independent Rob

The Los Angles Clippers have agreed to trade five-time NBA All-Star Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. In exchange for Avery Bradley. Tobias Harris. Boban Marjanovich, a 2018 first round pick and 2019 second round pick.  The Clippers will also ship Brice Johnson and Willie Reed to Detroit.

Taking a quick glance at the trade, It clearly looks like the Pistons got the worst of the deal.  They gave up a 25-year-old Tobias Harris who was having the best scoring season of his career (18 points a game). Along with a two way player like Avery Bradley who’s contract expires at the end of the season.

Blake Griffin, on the other hand, is in the first year of a 5 year 173 million dollar deal.  He’s averaging 22 points and 7.9 rebounds this season. Griffin talent has never been at question.But his ability to stay healthy has !.

Griffin hasn’t played a 80 game NBA season since 2013-14. He’s already missed 16 games this season due to injuries. Which makes me wonder why would the Pistons give up so much him?. It’s hard to believe that having Blake Griffin on the roster. Makes the Pistons a better team, then having Tobias Harris and Avery Bradley on it.

When I first heard about this trade. I immediately wondered was this personal for the Piston head coach Stan Van Gundy, who also serves as the teams president?. I guess that’s something I will never know (or maybe I will).

But what  I do know, is this deal has inflated the Detroit’s payroll. Blake makes 29 million this season. 32 million next season. 34 million in the 2019-20 season and 36 million for the 2020-21 NBA season.

Now is he really worth all that for Piston? I doubt it. But for some reason Detroit feel he is, and at the end of the day. I guess that’s all that counts huh?.