Derrick Rose

Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose hurt “once again”

In recent years Derrick Rose has become better known for being injured then his basketball ability. After scoring 14 points in the season opener against the Boston Celtics. Rose sprained his ankle against the Milwaukee Bucks. In just 23 minutes of play. The Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyrone Lue stated that Rose injury “doesn’t look good”.  He then went on to say that Jose Caldron will most likely be the teams starting point guard. Tommorrow night against the Orlando Magic.

Derrick Rose was drafted the number 1 overall pick in 2008 draft. He played 81 games his rookie season and helped the Bulls make it back to the playoffs. During that playoff series (against Boston), Rose scored 36 points in his playoffs debut. Tying him with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. For the most points by in a playoffs debut by a rookie. Rose went on to make the All-Star game the next season (2009). Making him the first Chicago Bull since Micheal Jordan to selected.

In just his third season in the NBA. Rose was selected to become the leagues MVP at the age of 22. This made him the youngest player to ever receive that honor.

Rose basketball ability has never been the problem, staying healthy has. From 2011 to 2017  Rose has missed 262 out of  492 regular season games. Which I’m sure hurt him during  2017 free agency period. When the demand for him wasn’t great.