Devin Booker

Devin Booker hands Nets 3rd Straight loss

Devin Booker scored 32 points on 11-22 from the field and 5-8 from behind the three-point line. Suns point guard Mike James added 24 and TJ Warren chipped in 20 points and 11 rebounds. As the Phoenix Suns handed the Brooklyn Nets their third straight loss by beating them 122-114 at the Barclays Center.

Independent Rob

The Phoenix Suns squandered an 18 point lead to the Brooklyn Nets in the third quarter of this game. Brooklyn went into the fourth period with a one-point lead and held a 106-98, lead with six minutes left in the game. The Suns then put together a 24 – 8 run that ruined the Brooklyn Nets night and sent their fans home disappointed.

The biggest problem the Brooklyn Nets had tonight was at their point guard position. When the Nets allowed D’ Angelo Russell to run the offense. The Nets quickly fell behind. However, when Spencer Dinwiddie came off the bench. The Nets were able to regain the lead. Now by any means am I trying to say that Spencer Dinwiddie is a better player than D’ Angelo Russell. But what I am saying is Dinwiddie is a  better “point guard than Russell.

Yes, D’ Angelo Russell is a good enough to go head to head against players like Devin Booker. However, his poor defense. Lack of leadership and four turnovers – five assists a game. Has really hurt the Brooklyn Nets.

Kenny Atkinson taking drugs?

Brooklyn coach Kenny Atkinson graded Russell a ”B+ to an A” for his on-court play. Which makes me wonder are NBA coaches drug tested?. Yes, D’ Angelo Russell is the Nets leading scoring at (19.8) per game. But he’s only averaging 3 rebounds 5 assists and 4 turnovers a game. His defense is terrible and the Nets are 3-5.  So even Kenny Atkinson is on drugs, a liar, or just think the fans are dumb enough to buy into this foolishness.