“Donald Sterling” wife has audacity to want ban lifted

Donald Sterling racist statements
Donald Sterling, wife or ex-wife (whatever) has made a public statement that she wanted the NBA to lift former Los Angles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling lifetime ban. For those who doesn’t remember the story, Donald Sterling was secretly taped by his former mistress making several racist remakes about black people,(including players that played for him). He was angry that his mistress had taken pictures with former NBA player and Hall of former “Magic Johnson”, at a basketball game.

Once the tape leaked, several NBA players and fans felt uncomfortable with Donald Sterling owning a team (especially Clippers head coach Doc Rivers). Newly assigned NBA commissioner Adam Silver immediately stepped in and forced Sterling to sell the team, if, for no other reason, Sterling obviously became bad for business.

Donald Sterling and the whistle blower

Now instead of just letting things go, Rochelle Stein has stated that she has contacted the NBA several times,(her lawyer also) attempting to get the NBA to lift Donald’s ban. Her rationalization for this is, ” she feels the NBA should allow Donald Stein to be reinstated because he owned the Clippers for 33 years (who cares). Donald Stein made 2 billion dollars off the sale of the Clippers, but I guess it’s safe to say that some people just hate to lose.