Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe needs trade from Phoenix

Independent Rob

Eric Bledsoe tweeted out “I don’t want to be here” and everyone assumed that he was talking about leaving the  Phoenix Suns.  Even his own teammate Devin Booker felt he was talking about the team. As he tweeted back “damn bro” 

Now whether or not Bledsoe was talking about leaving Phoenix. The team needs to trade players like Bledsoe, Tyson Chandler, and Jared Dudley off their roster (anyway). It’s obvious they’re moving towards a youth movement. So moving the oldest three players on the roster wouldn’t be a bad move.

The Los Angeles Clippers starting center De Andre Jordan. Tweeted “come back to LA “  which would look good on paper. But I just can’t see how the Clippers and Suns could make a deal like this work. They would most likely need a third team to facilitate a trade like this. Which won’t happen until at least the trade deadline.

Eric Bledsoe is under contract for this season and next season.  He’s scheduled to earn 14.5 million this year and 15 million next season. For the Clippers to get Bledsoe, they must be willing to move Austin Rivers and someone else.

This will definitely create a problem in LA since Austin Rivers plays for his father Doc Rivers. The elder Rivers will most likely have a problem with the team moving his son. Especially since he was just recently removed from the team president role.

However, if I was part of the Clippers organization and I thought I could get Bledsoe. For Austin Rivers, a few pieces and maybe a future draft pick.

I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Doc Rivers (who I believe is standing on one leg anyway), would just have to understand that ‘this is a business”. If he can’t understand that, then maybe he should be shown the door also.