George leaving Pacers for Lakers?

According to several reports, the Indiana Pacers star Paul George has informed the team that he will be leaving the team (via his agent) at the end of the season (when his contract is up) to go play with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now despite what many people think, this information is good for the Pacers to know, because George could have just kept it to himself, and left the team high and dry.

There’s also a feeling that the Pacers will have a hard time dealing George since teams know what his intention are.However, make no mistake there are teams like The Cleveland Cavaliers or San Antonio Spurs, who just may think that if they can get Paul George into their uniform, and give him a taste of winning, he just may have a change of heart. With that said if Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers organization knew what was best for them, instead of just waiting around for the 2017-18 free agency to come, this team would jump on the phone with the Indiana Pacers and try to strike a deal, immediately.

Let’s face it, no one knows how the 2017-18 season will look for the Lakers. An injury here, a player don’t live up to expectations there, and the Lakers mess around and regress. Which just may bring Paul George to the harsh reality that the Lakers have a long way to go before they’ll able to compete against teams like the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, or the Hoston Rockets out in the west.