Golden State Warriors Allowed Players to Coach

The Golden State Warriors match with Phoenix Suns caught a lot of eyeballs. Golden State team coach Steve Kerr came up with an idea of letting the team players coach the game. The Warriors were clearly the hot favorites and the Suns, who are probably the worst side in the season had no chance whatsoever against the mighty Golden State Warriors.
But, Steve Kerr had some other plans he went with an unorthodox planning. Letting the team players’ coach the game was truly an outstanding idea. This move not only motivated the players to play better against the Phoenix Suns but allowed to believe in their own strategies and planning as well.
While the former NBA Coach of the Year was the on the backseat the whole match, the players like Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry and some other players started coaching in the match against Suns. Win of Golden State was predictable and the players with new strategy and management carried out the plan brilliantly as they beat the Suns by a huge margin of 46 points.
The team which has nothing left to prove in the NBA was looking for something new. That’s what the Golden State Warriors coach delivered on the Monday night when his idea of letting the players coach the game motivated every single player of the side.
To try that experiment on a side like the Phoenix Suns was a great move indeed. Ultimately, it was done for the betterment of the team and Suns was the ideal side of the Golden State. There was no doubt that Golden State was always an unbeatable opponent for the Suns and Steve Kerr was totally aware of that. After the post-match, he said that he just wanted to let the team players know that Golden State belongs to them and it is their team so that was something he wanted them to understand.
He also said that the move was totally based on improving self-confidence and players morales. So, Steve Kerr decision of letting the players coach the game was a shocking one and some didn’t even like it. But, for the Golden State team players, it was an altogether a unique experience and team like Golden State can handle challenges like these. Because when you have the likes of Draymond Green and David West in the side than winning against a side like the Phoenix Suns is obvious.