Is Tyronn Lue’s Job Secure?

On Friday, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors 108-85. The Warriors won the series 4-0 for a sweep. This was the first sweep since 2007. In 2007, the San Antonio Spurs swept the Cleveland Cavaliers in LeBron James’s first trip to the NBA Finals. The Cavaliers have made the finals for four straight years, but they’ve only won once. The Cavs beat the Warriors in 2016 to win the first championship in the franchise’s history. While make the NBA Finals four straight years is impressive, is it time for a change? Tyronn Lue has been the coach since the Cavaliers fired David Blatt, who was the Cavaliers’ coach when LeBron James returned. Lue has been the head coach since then. But, maybe it’s time for something different.

Although the Cavs were the 4th seed of their conference, they made it to the NBA Finals. They went through a seven game series against the Pacers in the first round, a 4 game series against the Raptors, and another seven game series against the Celtics. Normally, the Cavs finish the regular season as a higher seed, but the Raptors, Celtics, and 76ers all had better records. However, the Cavs are also fortunate. After a shaky start, the Cavs had a decent finish. The Cavs traded several players including Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose,Isaiah Thomas, and Dwyane Wade to various teams. The Cavs acquired these four players in the off-season, but couldn’t incorporate them into their system. Chemistry issues prevented the players from gelling with their teammates. The Cavs shook up their roster at the trade deadline, and acquired young players like Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance.

The Cavaliers managed to make the Finals with their current roster. Of course, this roster was swept in the Finals. While I’ve seen people blame the  roster for their loss, I have a friend who constantly blames Ty Lue.

While the Cavs struggled during the season, Tyronn Lue had struggles of his own. Lue took a leave of absence towards the end of March, and returned in April. He was dealing with symptoms such as chest pains and coughing up blood. According to ESPN, he told Rachel Nichols that he is taking medication to deal with anxiety. Despite the issues with anxiety, Lue rejoined the team and finished both the regular and post season.

After Friday’s loss, Lue told reporters that he intends to remain the head coach of the Cavaliers. As of now, there are no indications that his job is on the line. But, anything can happen.

Personally, I think Tyronn Lue will remain the Cavaliers’ head coach. He has a regular-season record of 128-77. He also has  a playoff record of 41-20. A team making four straight NBA Finals is still an accomplishment. Although, it would be better to win more than once. Coaches are sometimes used as a scapegoat to a team’s shortcomings.When, it could be the roster itself. In my opinion, this happened to Dwane Casey.

Casey led the Raptors to a record of 59-23, which was the best of the Eastern Conference. The Raptors were swept by the Cavaliers, and Casey was fired almost immediately after. I would hate to see Tyronn Lue in a similar situation. If I were the Cavaliers, I would focus soley on improving the roster. Coaching should not be on their minds (yet). The Cavs should keep Lue, improve their roster, and try to keep LeBron in Cleveland. We’ll see what happens.