Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas should keep contract talk out media

The Boston Celtics star player Isaiah Thomas, is up for a new contract in 2018. After scoring  28.9 last season, the 5ft 9″ point guard has made it clear that he Independent Robwants a max deal.  Thomas saw Stephen Curry sign a 201 million dollar deal. James Harden received a 228 million extension. Plus  John Wall got a 170 million, so why wouldn’t Thomas want to join the party?.

Now for the record, Thomas made it known last season that he wanted to be paid. He didn’t just sit back and wait to see his counterparts receive their paydays, before he started talking money. However, many feel he isn’t  worth a max deal, (but that’s for Boston to decide). As for me,  I honestly feel he needs to keep his contract talk out the media before it backfires on him. These professional team owners have a funny way of cutting athletics down to size (especially black ones). Say, or do something the gatekeeper doesn’t like and you can find yourself blackballed.

Now by any means am I saying Isiah could be out the NBA by next season. I’m just saying too much media talk could make master feel, he needs to be put in his place.  Which could lead to an “assassinate Isaiah Thomas”  campaign.  So how is that done?.

First, you make his stock drop by focusing on his weakness (with the help of the media). Then you make the other owners feel he’s just isn’t worth a long term deal. Then when Thomas sees his market drying up, he’ll find himself walking away with less money than he deserves (ask Derrick Rose). Thomas has to remember contract talk should be strictly between his agent and the Boston Celtics. The media isn’t his friend, and “anything he says could and would be held against him.