Javale Mcgee

JaVale McGee on the trade block?

Independent RobAccording to sources, Javale Mc Gee of the Golden State Warriors is on the trade block. It’s been reported that the Warriors have currently spoken to several teams about McGee. It’s also alleged that the Milwaukee Bucks has shown interest in McGee. But no deal has been put in place (as of now).
The Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myers. Was asked about the trade. During a recent interview on a local radio station and Myers response was

“I can’t do [talk about trade rumors]. It doesn’t make sense for me or JaVale or for our team or for the Milwaukee Bucks or anybody to talk about that publicly. I hope the fans understand. Just judge us on what we actually do or don’t do, not where we’re rumored to do or not do,” Myers said.

Despite the fact, that Mcgee is only averaging 8 minutes a game. The soon to be the 30-year-old player has become a fan favorite.

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However with rookie Jordan Bell taking up a lot of minutes at the center position. And the Warriors already having players like Zaza Pachulia and David West on the roster. Mcgee is slowly becoming the odd man out.

Even with that said. The trade to the Bucks just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Javale is on a 1 year 2 million dollar deal. Why not allow him to just finish the season in a Warriors uniform? Besides that, the Bucks is not going to give up anything that’ll make the Warriors better (especially for 2 million dollars)

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So unless Javale has become a distraction in the locker room. The Warriors need to give him the opportunity to win one more ring.  If for no other reason. But because it may be his last chance to win one.

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