Jazz Eliminate OK3

Last night, Donovan Mitchell looked like a star in the making. Mitchell led the Jazz to victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were on the verge of elimination. The Utah Jazz were on their home court. They had two options. They could close the series at home, or try to win a Game 7 in Oklahoma City. The Jazz chose the first option.

The Jazz beat the Thunder 96-91. Donovan Mitchell led his team with 38 points. Twenty-two of his points came in the third quarter. He shot 53.8% from the field, including 5 of 8 from three-point range. Derrick Favors scored 13 points. Joe Ingles and Rudy Gobert scored 12 points each. Gobert had 13 rebounds to go with his 12 points. Alec Burks scored 11 points off the bench.

Despite 46 points and 10 rebounds from Russell Westbrook, the Thunder didn’t have enough. Steven Adams was the only other player to score to double figures. Adams scored 19 points and had 16 rebounds. Carmelo Anthony had 7 points, and Paul George had 5.

The OKC Thunder were the latest installment of the “Big 3”. The OK3 had high expectations when they formed in the off-season. But, they didn’t match those expectations. There is a possibility that they will reunite next year, but I don’t know how likely that is. Supposedly, Paul George is expected to consider the L.A Lakers in the off-season. The Lakers may have a bright future, but as of now, they still are a work in progress. Even though the Thunder were eliminated early, Paul George has a slightly better chance of winning with them. The Thunder need to make adjustments, but they still have what it takes to win. The Jazz just outplayed them in this series.

The Utah Jazz will go on to face the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are the first seed in the West. They are arguably the favorites of the Western Conference. Even though the Jazz had a good series against the Thunder, the Rockets are a tougher challenge. The Rockets will likely win the series, but anything could happen. The Jazz could surprise us all. After all, some fans didn’t expect them to win this series. So, we’ll see what happens.