Kenny Atkinson

Kenny Atkinson system bad for Brooklyn?

Independent RobKenny Atkinson is in the second year of coaching the Brooklyn Nets. In despite all the praise he and Nets GM Sean Marks have received. When we take a close look at what they’ve  accomplished in Brooklyn. The two gets a big thumb down from me.

Now I know it’s easy to blame Nets ex-GM  Billy King for everything that’s wrong in Brooklyn.  But the question I ask is how long is that excuse going to last? Atkinson and Marks both knew what they were walking into. But for some reason that didn’t stop them from signing their names on the dotted line (did it).

Nor has it stopped them from making some of the poor decisions they’ve made since coming to Brooklyn. For example!. This system that Kenny Atkinson has been trying to run for the last two years “just doesn’t work in Brooklyn”.

Yes I get the whole sharing of the ball stuff.  But at the end of the day, “all basketball players are not created equal”. Some players are scorers. Some are defenders and others are rebounders.

However, it’s Atkinson job to figure out what’s the strength of his player’s and put them in position to succeed. The Nets have Timofey Mozgov shooting jumpers. When his strength is around the basket. D’ Angelo Russell is better off the ball. But the Nets got him running the point. Then you have Allen Crabbe who’s the team highest paid player. Not knowing how many shots he’s going to take. How many minutes he’s going to play. Nor whether or not he’s going to start or come off the bench.

It has to be a nightmare for Brooklyn Nets players to come in and not know what to expect from day to day. Isaiah Whitehead went from playing 73 games last season. To spending most of this season in the G League.  Sean Kilpatrick went from averaging double figures last season. To barely playing this season.

So when we talk about dysfunction. No need to talk about what happened years ago. All we have to do is look at what’s going on today.