Kenyon martin after dissing lin

Martin backpedals on Lin statement

A few days ago, Kenyon Martin had a lot to say about Jeremy Lin hairdo.  Since then Martin has taken down the video and apologized to Lin in a new video.The new video was posted on TMZ and in it, we can find Martin saying.

“Wasn’t really saying it to him. I was just making a blank statement. Which I probably should’ve reached out to him”. Martin continued by saying “the man has dreads which I find is hilarious. Nothing more nothing less.  I made a statement and the wording that I used was probably bad. I said he was trying to be black. It wasn’t my intention to be a racist or anything.  “If  I ruffed Jeremy Lin feathers or made him feel some kind of way. Then I apologize brother.

Martin stated that he reached out to Jeremy but haven’t heard anything back from him. Which I can’t blame Jeremy for not responding. Because the apologies was a backhand slap and here’s why.

As adults, when we make mistakes. We acknowledge the mistakes. We apologize for the mistakes. Then we move on.  In Martin’s case, he had the nerve to throw in “the man has dreads which I find hilarious” as if that’s justification for his verbal attack.

If Martin really wanted to find something hilarious. He can laugh at how his Nickname should’ve been called “injury prone”. During his playing days. It was hilarious how he took five different organization to the bank while staying hurt. In 15 NBA seasons. Martin played 70 or more game only 4 times in his career.  He never averaged over 16 points (Maybe slightly over). Plus averaged double-figure rebounds once.

We can all laugh at how Martin averaged 1 point and 1 rebound his final season. All while having the nerve to say he can still play in the NBA. Now that’s hilarious