Kyrie Irving To Undergo Left Knee Procedure

Yesterday, the Boston Celtics made an announcement regarding Kyrie Irving. The Celtics announced that Irving will undergo a minimally invasive procedure to alleviate irritation in his left knee.

Kyrie Irving last played on March 11 against the Indiana Pacers.  However, he sat out the second half of this game. Irving’s lingering soreness flared up and he was unable to play. The soreness initially flared up in a March 3rd loss against the Rockets.

On Friday, the Boston Celtics started a four-game road trip against the Portland TrailBlazers. Irving did not travel with the team. The Celtics beat the TrailBlazers 105-100. They are not only missing Kyrie Irving, but also Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart.

The Celtics currently hold the second spot in the Eastern Conference. They have a 6 game lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers. With a comfortable lead, Irving can afford to rest before the start of the playoffs. According to ESPN Irving said he wanted to take an extended rest in hopes that the knee soreness would dissipate. He traveled with the Celtics for a two-game road trip, but the injury showed little progress.  Irving wanted a second opinion to get a better idea of how to deal with the soreness.

Irving’s sore knee is the same knee he injured during the 2015 Finals and required surgery on his kneecap.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens spoke on Boston’s injuries. “Do what you do best. That’s it,” he said. “Everybody’s got something they do well otherwise they wouldn’t be in the NBA. Don’t try to be something you’re not, don’t try to make up for Kyrie’s absence, or Smart’s absence, or Tyson’s absence by trying to do what they do. Just do you and just be good at it, be reliable at it. That’s all we’re going to ask.”

Update: According to Bleacher Report, Irving will return to basketball activities in three to six weeks.