Lamar Odom wants to coach now

According to several reports, former NBA player Lamar Odom was invited to attend a Lakers pre-draft practice by current Laker coach Luke Walton. When Odom was asked would he be interested in joining Walton’s coaching staff Lamar response was simply “yes”.

There’s another report out there that states Lamar was kicked out a strip club in Miami for skipping the line of the club. He was accompanied by two females that were allegedly also kicked out. Now if these reports are true, this would be a prime example of why Odom isn’t ready to work for the Lakers or no other NBA organization, and here’s why.
Odom has a history of being a substance abuse user, and just the mere fact that you can find him in places like a strip club (that’s filled with drugs and Alcohol) at 2 or 3 in the morning gives a strong indication that he’s not serious about getting clean and staying clean. Anyone who’s ever been in recovery knows that a big part of recovery is watching out for the people you surround yourself with, watching out for the places you go, and staying away from anything that jeopardizes your sobriety.

However it’s obvious that in 2017 Odom is still up to his same old tricks, and that’s why the Lakers would be foolish to hire Odom to mop the gym floor, better yet sit on Luke Walton’s coaching staff bench.