Lavar Ball

Was Lavar Ball right about Donald Trump

Independent RobLavar Ball stated that Donald Trump had nothing to do with his son LiAngelo Ball and his former UCLA teammates. Released from a prison in China.  For those who don’t Know. Lavar’s second oldest son. LiAngelo was arrested along with two other UCLA players. For attempting to steal a pair of shades. Out of a Louis Vuitton store.  The trio faced up to 10 years in prison. Because of the strict laws in China,

President Donald Trump then alleged that he intervened. By speaking with the Chinese government. Which resulted in the three being released.  Lavar Ball then denied the President claims and stated that the President hadn’t done anything for them.  Donald Trump then took acceptions to these comments, and went on Twitter and stated. “that he should’ve left the three in prison”

Now according to ESPN reporter Arash Markazi, there is evidence that LiAngelo Ball and his two teammates had already. Been released. By the time the President had even heard about the incident.

The trio was arrested November 7, 2017, and released on the 11th. Arash Markazi states that Donald Trump and his staff.  Knew nothing about this situation until November 12. (when they saw it on CNN).

The White House has not responded to a request to clear up the timeline. However, it’s alleged that a source from UCLA has confirmed. That the White House  Chief of staff  John Kelly had called the players on the 12th. To tell them that the President was intervening on their behave. But was optimistic there would be a quick resolution.  (apparently not knowing the charges had been dropped).

At this point. Whether or not the president helped doesn’t really matter. Li Angelo is overseas playing basketball. And Cody Riley and Jalen Hill are both somewhere suspended for the rest of UCLA season.