Lavar Ball talking starting own league

The Big Baller brand owner Lavar Ball has stated that he’ll be launching his own basketball league. The league would be for Nationally ranked basketball players. Who have graduated (from High School) and do not want to go to college. According to Ball. The league will need 80 players to fill 10 teams. Players will earn between 3 to 10 thousand a month. And will use NBA rules and three-pointer line.



Lavar Ball states that part of the reason he plans to start this league. Was because he got motivated. When he heard the comments, of the president of the NCAA “Mark Emmert”. Said about him. When asked during a Sports Business Journal conference. “Was Lavar good or bad for college basketball”?.

“Getting these kids are going to be easy,” says Lavar. “This is giving guys a chance to get a jump on their careers. To be seen by pro scouts. We’re going to pay them because someone has to pay these kids” Which is a clear shot at the NCAA.

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Now to some, this idea may seem weird. But to me, it’s just different. I personally feel that an alternative to going to college is way overdue. Let’s face it everybody isn’t cut out for college. Not to mention. A lot of these basketball players come from poverty-stricken communities. With the need to earn money immediately.  If Lavar can somehow find a way to launch and make this league a success.  He stands, to change the face of basketball forever.

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