NEPA Stars & Stripes set 4 home opener

Independent Rob

The NEPA Stars & Stripes of the American Basketball Associations (ABA) is set to play their first ever home opener game.
The men’s semi-pro basketball team will play their season opener against the York Buccaneers. Which is another team from the American Basketball Association (ABA).

This game will be played at the Conyngham Valley Civic Organizations. Which is located at 311. S. Main Street Conyngham PA 18219. The game will be played on Sunday, November 26, 2017, at                                              4:00 pm sharp.


NEPA Stars & Stripes

The  NEPA Stars & Stripes is originally based out of  Wilkes Barre PA. But will play their season opener at Conyngham PA. When asked why is the team playing their home opener in Conyngham PA opposed to Wilkes PA?. Stars & Stripes owner Isiah Walker states that the team is trying to expand their market.

Fans enjoying a NEPA Stars & Stripes game.

Never the less. has been keeping an eye on the Stars & Stripes and we’ve been very impressed with how integrated this team has been with their community. Which means whenever we go out and support events like this. We’re not just going to watch a fun, affordable, fast-paced basketball game. We’re investing into something. That’s going to turn around and reinvest positivity into our communities through the sport of basketball.

Which is the exact reason why has always been at the forefront. When it comes to promoting or keeping you abreast of the latest Semi-Pro news.  So please support.