Nets coach and gm

Nets needs to dump these clowns

Independent Rob

Independent Rob

The Brooklyn Nets are currently tied with the Atlanta Hawks. For the worst record in the Eastern Conference. They are 2- 15 in their last 17 games and haven’t won 2 straight since January 21. The Brooklyn Nets are easily heading for the worst record in the NBA for the second straight season.

With that said. The million dollar question is why are Brooklyn Nets fans. So patient with head coach Kenny Atkinson and Sean Marks?.

The duo has done nothing but sold the fanbase false hope. They talk about the developing players. But none of their players average over 15 points or 6 rebounds. So who are they developing?

Not to mention the Brook Lopez for D’Angelo Russel trade was terrible for the Nets. Brooklyn gave up their all-time leading scorer for an unproven second-year player.  With the reputation of being an immature knucklehead? Not to mention. Brooklyn gave up the rights to Kyle Kuzma. Plus took on Timofey Mozgov  64 million dollar deal. To only plant Mozgov on their bench.

Then you have the Allen Crabbe situation. The Nets offered Allen Crabbe a 4 year 74 million dollar deal last season. The Portland Trailblazers matched the offer. Then quickly figure out they made a mistake.

However, the Trailblazers was smart enough to find a team that was dumb enough to take that contract off their hands.

So now Brooklyn has a player who they have to pay 18 million this year. 19 million next year and another 18 million the following year. And he’s only averaging 12 points. 4 rebounds and 1 assists a game.

I guess this is what happens. When your boss is tucked away in Russia and barely attend games.  You take two clowns and call them an NBA coach and NBA General Manager. (Good luck with that Brooklyn Nets)