Oklahoma City Thunder plane

Oklahoma City Thunder Plane Hits UFO?

Independent Rob

Independent Rob

The Oklahoma City Thunder private charter plane (allegedly) hit a bird early Saturday morning. The team was flying from Minnesota and landing in Chicago to face the Bulls. When the plane suddenly dropped lower (according to coach Billy Donavan). The passengers onboard were told that the plane was being lowered because there was a concern about the cabin pressure.

When the team got off the plane and observed the damage. Carmelo Anthony, Josh Huestis, and Steven Adams all took and posted pictures of the incident.  Carmelo Anthony wrote on Instagram “What Possibly could we have hit in the sky at this time of night?   Which is exactly the same question I have? Delta Airline’s spokeswomen Elizabeth Wolk said that maintenance was evaluating the situation and the damage was likely caused by a collision with a bird. Which is virtually impossible!  (If we judge by the damage to plane).

If you do a quick Google search you find that the only birds capable of flying this high are the  Ruppellell’s Griffon Vulture and Eurasian Crane. However, don’t set your hopes high on finding these kinds of birds. Roaming around the mean streets of Chicago. As they’re both known to live in other parts of the world.

Never the less the plane landed safely and no one was hurt (thank god). However, if you ask me I think the Oklahoma City Thunder plane hit a UFO. All we have to do is take a look at the picture of the plane. There’s no bird in the world that can cause that kind of damage.

So if Delta spokesperson wants us to believe that the damage was caused by a bird. “Then okay”!. They can say what they want. While we respectfully reserve the right to believe what we want.