Paul George

Paul George resigns with Oklahoma City Thunder

Paul George decides to keep his talent in Oklahoma City. As the five-time NBA All-Star agrees to a four year 137 million dollar deal with the Thunder.  The contract cannot officially be signed until July 6th. So Lakers fans who were hoping that Paul George returns to play for his hometown team “there’s still a little hope”.  But unless George snubs the Thunder, the way De Andre Jordon snubbed the Dallas Mavericks a few years back. Oklahoma will be Paul George playing alongside Russell Westbrook for at least the next three years (as year four has a player option).


There are speculations that Lebron James will be leaving Cleveland to sign with the Lakers and this part of the reason. George decided not to go to Los Angeles. However, if I was in George position. I would definitely have to ask myself  ” Why should I go play for a less talented Laker team for less money?”

The Thunder could’ve offered George a five year 170 million dollar deal. While the Lakers or any other ballclub could only offer a four year  130 million dollar deal. Now George agreed to a 4 year 137 million with the options to opt out after three.  So from a business standpoint, the Okhamo deal makes the most sense.

At least he knows what to expect with the Thunder.  Westbrook is going to be running up and down the court. Carmelo isn’t going to be playing any defense and he’s going to be the man playing next to the man out there.

However, in Los Angels, there’s nothing but uncertainty.  Will Lebron James come over there?  Can the Lakers make a trade for Kawhi Leonard? and more importantly, can and will the team play well together?. So if we look at things from this standpoint. I think George did extremely well by resigning with the Oklahoma City Thunder