Devin Booker

Phoenix gives Booker decision making power

Independent RobThe Phoenix Suns general manager Ryan Mc Donough has announced. That the organizations plan to give 21-year-old Devin Booker. A voice in all the team’s major decision-making process. Moving forward.

“With his emergence and importance to not only what we’re doing in the short term but hopefully in the next decade-plus, I think it’s important to make him a partner in the process,” McDonough said.

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It’s also being reported. That the Suns are planning to offer Booker a  5 year 156 million dollar deal this summer.  Booker has already gone on the record and said that he will accept the offer.

Booker was drafted by the Phoenix Suns 13th overall in the 2015 NBA draft.  He averaged 13 points as a rookie. Before increasing his average to 22 points his second year. Booker is currently averaging 24.7 points this season. So I get the whole “let’s make Devin Brooker the franchise player”

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However, does that mean the organization has to go to a 21-year-old kid and ask for advice?. Whatever happened to the front office being the front office and players being the players?.

When the Suns tell us that Booker is part of this decision-making process. They’re telling us that Booker can get a player waived or traded. They’re telling us, that Booker can get a coach hired or fired.

Which is foolish when you think about the fact that we’re  talking about a 21-year-old kid. Who’s done nothing for the organization but put up good numbers up for a bad team… In even if they was going to do this. Maybe they should’ve kept this in-house. Because I know somewhere (out there) former Phoenix Suns players like Steve Nash,  Amare Stoudemire, and Shawn Marlon are probably rolling their eyes.