Phoenix Suns Get The First Pick

The NBA Draft Lottery just finished, and a team received the first pick of the 2018 NBA draft.  The Phoenix Suns were that team.

Every year, the NBA holds it annual NBA Draft Lottery. This is where the NBA determines the draft order of the upcoming draft. Fifteen teams have the chance to get the first pick. The odds range from 25% to 0.5%. The team with the worse record has the best chances of winning the lottery, but that does not always happen. However, this year was an exception.

The Phoenix Suns had the highest odds, or 25% chance of getting the first pick. The Denver Nuggets had the lowest odds with 0.5%. The Memphis Grizzlies had the second highest odds with 19.9%. But, they received the 4th pick. The Phoenix Suns had the worst record in the NBA. They had a record of 21-61. The Grizzlies had a record of 22-60. The Nuggets had a record of 46-36. Although they were just shy of making the playoffs, they were still a lottery bound team.

For the most part, the first few picks were no surprise. The Bulls received the 7th pick while they had the 6th best odds. This was one of the only changes for the picks outside of the top 3.  The Sacramento Kings had the 7th best odds, but ended up in the Top 3. They received the 2nd pick. The Atlanta Hawks received the 3rd pick, and the Suns received the 1st. They received the 1st pick for the first time in franchise history.

The Phoenix Suns have a star in the making in Devin Booker. They acquired Elfrid Payton during the trade deadline. They also have Josh Jackson, who they drafted in last year’s draft. The Suns have a new coach in Igor Kokoškov. Kokoškov has been as assistant coach for the Clippers, Pistons, his current team the Suns, Cavs, Magic, and Jazz. He’s also coached outside the NBA.  Devin Booker, a new coach, and the first-round pick could be the start of the rebuild the Phoenix Suns desperately need.