Nets guard "Spencer Dinwidder

Players Brooklyn Nets” should Dump

Independent Rob

Independent Rob

The Brooklyn Nets are trying to convince their fanbase that they’re ready to make improvements. They’ve added five players whose expected to contribute, (immediately)but lost their all-time leading scorer “Brook Lopez“. Now in order for the Nets to be taken seriously, by the Basketball world. They must get rid of these three players as fast as they can.

Sean Kilpatrick could be an excellent NBA G League player. Who averaged 13 points for the worst team in the NBA  last season.  Kilpatrick can’t defend and his jumpshot is suspect. However, he comes cheap, and I think that’s what the Nets love most about him. If ownership is serious about winning, they’re going to have to dump players like this.

Spencer Dinwiddie


Spencer Dinwiddie is a player the Detroit Pistons wasted their 38th pick on. He played 44 games in two seasons with the Pistons. Then was politely shown the door. Now for some reason, the Nets feel they can develop this player. In  59 games (with the Nets) Dinwiddie averaged 3 assists, 2 rebounds, and 7 points.  So Nets fans don’t expect much more from Dinwiddie this season.


Joe Harris

Joe Harris came from the Cleveland Cavaliers and was the team’s bench warmer.  When Harris first got to Brooklyn I thought he was going to be a knockdown shooter. That’s until teams started defending him.

Yes, he plays hard, but that doesn’t make up for his lack of talent. He can’t create his own shot, and he can’t stay healthy. Harris version of stopping players is just fouling them. With all that said the Nets still brought Harris back. Which makes me question how bad they want to win.