Kristraps Prozingis

Prozingis admits to being worn down

Independent Rob

Independent Rob

Kristraps Prozingis admitted to a being physically and mentally drained. After playing 32 games this NBA season. The New York Knicks star has stated that playing without the Knicks number two option Tim Hardaway Jr his took a toll on him.

“I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m so tired right now,’’. “I have one day to rest my legs and get back and play better and have more energy and try to bring the team’s energy up. We’re in a tough stretch. The mental part doesn’t help at all. When it’s mentally tough, you don’t have it in you.’’

Prozingis told a reporter after the Knicks got blown 122-103 by the Washington Wizards. Kristraps finished the game with 16 points, however, 14 of his 16 points came in the first half of the game. Not to mention the New York Knicks are 1-6 in their last seven games.

Which makes me wonder if this kid tough enough to lead the Knicks to anywhere relevant? Yes, I know Prozingis is only 22 years old. But so was Lebron James when he led the Cavaliers to a 50-32 record. Kevin Durant averaged 27.7 when he was 22 years old. He also averaged 39 minutes and led his team to a 55-27 record.



Now I know you may be wondering why am I comparing Prozingis to these players. That’s because it was Prozingis who made the bold statement that he feels he can be the best player in the NBA. Not only that it was the New York media who basically ran Carmelo Anthony out of town. Because he was (allegedly) “stunting Prozingis growth”.

Now there nobody to stunt Prozingis growth. He’s now the number option and he can’t even handle playing 32 minutes a night. Without getting mentally and physically fatigued.

The Bottom line. Kristraps is a good player, but he’s not the number one options on a good NBA team. He can lead a below 500 team and make them interested. But unfortunately, he’s not the player many would like him to me.