Shaun Best encourages kids to shoot “Jumpshots over GunShots

Coach Shaun Best is the owner and coach of a program called “Jumpshots over Gunshots”. The program was created to encourage kids, to shoots  Jumpshots, oppose to shooting guns shots.

Jumpshots over Gunshots in Rucker Park tournament

Born and raised in Harlem New York, Shaun Best was bothered by the rise of violence in his community. So instead of just sitting around, he decided to gather some of the kids in his community and put them in a few local tournament. Most of his players are inexperienced and have never played organized basketball prior to joining the “JumpShot over Gunshots” program, but with a little direction, hard work, and dedication, Shaun Best was able  to get  his 12 and under team just one win away from a championship in world famous Rucker park last summer.

Working with no sponsorships or outside funding, “Best uses money out of his pocket, to pay the tournament fees, he also buys the kids water, Gatorade, and pizza after every game, all while using his personal vehicle to provide transportation to and from games. The “Jumpshots over Gunshots” program also stays in touch with the kids during the offseason, to make sure they’re keeping up with their grades, and doing the right thing off the court.

When I asked Shaun Best, why he do what he do, he just smiled and said, ” I just love giving back to the kids and the community”.




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  1. Post By Sly Bethune

    This is something i will never 4get. My son who led the team as point guard #6. Blake Best us a very shy humble individual, he said to me “Dad do you think we can probably win just one game @ Rucker Park due to all the high profile name organizations that usually play there, I said yes
    perhaps we can get @ one win”
    7 games later
    We are in the championship game.
    Great Memories
    to look back on
    Thx U
    Bballaddicts for sharing this with the world.

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