Kyrie Irving & Kristraps Prozingis

Should the Knicks trade Prozingis for Irving?

Independent RobIt’s no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers, star point guard Kyrie Irving has asked for a trade. He also informed the Cavs of what teams he would like to go, with the Knicks being one of them. Now the question is, do the Knicks have enough on their roster to make the trade?.  I say no! , not unless the Knicks is willing to give up Kristraps Prozingis. Which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for the Knicks, and here’s why.


Established player versus Potential

When we talk about Irving we talk about a star,  an NBA champion, and top guard in the league. Prozingis is nothing but a ball of potential, who game can go in one direction or the other direction.  How foolish would the Knicks look if Kristap became hammered with injuries and his game regressed?. Once upon a time, we all thought  Tyreke Evans, Micheal Carter Williams,  and Bradon Jennings, were going to be stars. Now the question is how did that work out?.

The Knicks Needs a point guard

The New York Knicks hasn’t had an all star point guard since Mark Jackson made it 1988.  Since then this team has used nothing but players who’ve passed their primes or career backups to run their offense. Trust me when I say Prozingis will never reach his full potential unless the Knicks pair him with a guard that can get him the ball where he’s most effective at. Besides that, the point guard position is the most important position on the floor, and unless you have Lebron James on your roster you can forget about competing in today’s NBA, without a point guard.

For those reasons, I suggest the Knicks offer Prozingis for Irving. Besides, he should fit well with Carmelo since it looks like Melo won’t be traded anytime soon.