Steve Kerr Confident Despite Recent Losses

Davion Moore

The Warriors regular season is coming to a close. The Houston Rockets will likely have the first seed locked. They are seven games ahead of the Golden State Warriors, despite a loss to the Thunder last night. The Warriors have had a different experience.

The Warriors are 4-6 in their last ten games and an overall record of 6-9 since March 9th. On Thursday, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr criticized the team after what he called “pathetic effort” against the Indiana Pacers. The Warriors lost 126-106 against the Indiana Pacers. The loss is out of character for the Warriors. However, it doesn’t stop here. The Warriors also lost to the Pelicans yesterday. The Pelicans won 126-120. The loss was not as big as the loss against the Pacers, but it is still alarming.

Despite the loss, Steve Kerr’s tone is much calmer. Baxter Holmes of ESPN wrote about Kerr’s change in demeanor.

“We’re going to be all right,” Kerr said, as his team now has a 6-9 record since March 9. “Tonight, we [were] playing a team that desperately needs to win. You can tell the teams around the league that have to win, they’re getting after it. They’re playing for their season. And our season begins next week, and we know that. So I’m not disappointed with the effort. I always want to win. We always want to win. But I liked the fight, especially in the second half, and I think we can take something out of this game.”

Kerr also addressed the Warriors’ recent sub-par record.

“I’m not too worried about the record at this point, especially with all the injuries. These last couple weeks have been disjointed, lineup-wise, and from one night to the next, it has been different. I don’t worry about that. We know the position we’re in. We’re in a good spot. We’ve just got to get a little better and start that fight from the beginning of the game and stay connected, and we’re in good shape.”

Golden State has two games remaining. They face the Phoenix Suns tonight, and the Utah Jazz on Tuesday.

They are still without Steph Curry, who is expected to miss the first round of the playoffs. The Warriors are getting themselves playoff ready. They’ve had an underwhelming finish to their regular season, but they’ll be ready for the playoffs.