Russell Westbrook

Westbrook Signs Extension with Thunder

Independent RobRussell Westbrook and the ¬†Thunder have agreed to a 5 year 205 million dollar extension on Kevin Durant’s Birthday. The deal kicks in next season and will replace the player option Westbrook had for the 2018-19 season.

When we factor in the 28 million Russell will earn this season. Then add the¬†205 million extensions. That’ll give Russell the richest contract in NBA history.

Oklahoma added Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to their roster, but both players can become free agents next season. Which meant, the Thunder was in jeopardy of losing not one, but three stars this offseason.

However, the question now is how will George and Carmelo mesh with Russell?. I question can Melo play with a uptempo guard like Westbrook?. I also question how will Paul George react to not being the man?.

There are many of questions surrounding this organization, but Russell commitment to this team isn’t one. He had 90 days to sign the extension but chose to get it out the way now. Which was music to the ears of Thunder fans?