Damien Wilkins

What made the Pacers sign Damien Wilkins

Independent Rob

According to reports, the Indiana Pacers have signed Damien Wilkins to a one year NBA veteran deal. Wilkins is the son of former NBA player Gerald Wilkins and the Nephew of NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins. His father (Gerald) has a career average of 13 points, which includes a career best 19 points a game for the 1986-87 New York Knicks. While his uncle Dominique is a 15x NBA All Star. However, Damien NBA path is a lot less suspenseful. He was signed by the Seattle Supersonics (yeah remember them) in 2004 and was able to stick around for 5 seasons (he was there when Seattle moved to Oklahoma). He then played for Minnesota, Atlanta, Detriot, and Philadelphia 76ers. Wilkins finished his NBA career in Philadephia with a career average of 6 points, 1 rebound, and 1 assists a game (so I thought he was finished).

Now at the tender age of 37 years, old Damien Wilkins is joining the Indiana Pacers, despite, not playing in an NBA game since the 2012-13 season. which brings me to the question “what the hell do the Indiana Pacers want with Damien Wilkins?” At the time of this post, there’s plenty of NBA free agents still available 2017 NBA Free Agents like Ian Clark, Derrick Rose, Aaron Afflalo, and if the Pacers just needed to have someone old, they could’ve gone with Tony Allen.

To me, this is a disservice to the Indiana Pacers fan base, because instead of signing someone who can actually help your team, you decide to go to the cemetery and pull a former player out his casket and sign him instead. No wonder Paul George informed this team that he wouldn’t be returning after his contract was up at the end of the NBA 2017-18 season, which ultimately resulted to him being traded for a bag of peanuts.