Lebron James

Can Cavaliers keep Lebron in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Cavaliers has been experiencing an up and down season (so far). However, It’s still likely that Lebron James will remain in Cleveland. Even though Mainstream media has him moving on to the Lakers, Rockets or Golden State Warriors.  Here are my top reasons why James should remain a Cavalier.

1. Cleveland offers a direct shot to the Finals –  The West is flooded with competition. With Cavaliers, James only needs to edge out the Boston Celtics. If he opts to go West, he would have to lock horns with the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, (just to mention a few). Not to mention the uprising Minnesota Timberwolves. In short, the East offers greener pastures for Lebron.

2. If Lebron considered leaving for West, he would drift further from a title, unless if he joined the Warriors. Any other team does not guarantee him a championship. Cleveland is the best option for Lebron because not only can they afford him, they are the only ones with the better talent in the East.

3. Cleveland provides a vast fan base for Lebron, particularly because it is home. Playing home yields immense support from his fans. Considering how frustrating the offset season has been for James and his team, the pressure would only intensify if he chose to bolt Cleveland. Cleveland offers influence over the city’s economy, and that is a powerful tool.

4. Finally, team hopping has never been an excellent match for legacy. Lebron James understands that just like any other player does. Even if he bolted and continued to win the championship, his win would never be treated any better than Durant’s. To this date,  Lebron championship with the Cavaliers goes down in the history of all time great achievements. So why tamper with that history by going elsewhere?.