Women ABA opens ownership opportunity

Women ABA (American Basketball Association) which is the sister league of the American Basketball Association (ABA). Currently, have ownership opportunity open until April 30. 2018 The Women American Basketball Association is entering their second season and currently have over a dozen teams spread throughout the United States of America.

With prime markets like Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, Iowa, Arizona, California, Florida, Ohia, Georgia, Massachuttes and Virginia still available. This is the perfect time to fulfill your dream of owning a professional basketball team.

The Women ABA offers the best opportunity. For people of all races, religion, sexual gender and creed. To become owners. Because unlike other leagues. You will not be denied because  the color of your skin. The religion you practice, nor your sexual preference.  They currently (along with the ABA) have the most diverse ownership group of any professional league in the world.

With the season running from the summer to the fall. Owning a professional women basketball team could be done for an fraction of what it cost to run a men’s professional team. Experience is not necessary. As long as you have a passion for helping others. A love for the game . Along with the will and drive to succeed.

For more information about owning a professional women’s basketball team. Contact the league directly.