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Calm Down About The Nets

With just two preseason games, and one regular season game under their belts, mainstream media has been extremely excited about the way the Brooklyn Nets has played. Some outlets have predicted that the Nets will come out the Eastern Conference, and face the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals.

Well I’m here to say that it’s way to early to putting the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA Finals (better yet the playoffs). Especially when we consider the fact that Kyrie Irving has had an long history of injuries (that dates back to his days at Duke) and Kevin Durant is coming off an Achilles tendon tear.

Even the Nets third star Carvis Levert has had his share of injuries since joining the league. Which makes me wonder, why would anyone think this Brooklyn Nets team is build to handle an shorten 72 game NBA season(plus playoffs)?. I watched all three Brooklyn Nets games this season, and every time Durant, Irving or LeVert hit the ground, I immediately wondered were they getting back up.

Not only that, in the three games that the Nets played (this season), they really haven’t faced any real competition. Washington didn’t play Bradley Beal or Russell Westbrook. The Celtics was without Kemba Walker and Golden State looks like they should change their team name to Steph Curry and Friends.

Now before you guys start calling me an hater, just know, I’ve been an Brooklyn Nets fan since they traded for Jason Kidd in 2000 (when they were the Jersey Nets). I’ve endured so much pain as a fan, that I would love nothing more then to see them win an NBA Championship.

However, I’m not just going to put them in the NBA finals after three games. The NBA season just started and so much can go wrong. So before it does, my suggestion to Nets fans is to be patient, take things one game at a time. Hope for the best and expect the worst.

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