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Can Youth Basketball Survive Covid

With Covid spreading throughout the world, youth basketball (for boys and girls), has taken an major blow. Gym in cities like New York, that were regularly renting or donating time to AAU teams, has become close to non existence.

“There’s no place for me to take my son to train” said a father of a 12 year old AAU basketball player. “It’s cold outside, and most of the gyms, in the city are closed”. “For the one’s that’s not, when you get there, it’s so many kids you can’t get much done”.

If society doesn’t get a grip on this Covid pandemic, youth basketball will continue to suffer tremendously!. The less time they have on the basketball court, the more time they have on the video game. Not to mention the older kids, who now have more time to run the streets, and find trouble to get into.

The bottom line is, basketball has saved the lives of many boys and girls (especially in the urban communities), and for it to continue to do so, we must find an end to this pandemic.

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