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ESPN Trying To Create Problems In Brooklyn

After watching an clip of the ESPN show “First Thing First”, it became obvious that the show host Nick (whatever his last name), is trying to create problems in the Brooklyn Nets organization.

This guy jumps on the show and said that “The Brooklyn Nets has a “Kyrie Irving problem”. All because Kyrie took over the game in the fourth quarter against the Hawks (Tuesday night).

Now according to Nick, – Kyrie should have been looking more for Kevin Durant in the fourth quarter, despite the fact that he was on fire.

Kyrie finished the game with 17 of his 25 points being scored in the fourth quarter, on 7-11 shooting. His performances helped the Nets snap a two game losing streak, and avoided them leaving 2020, on a bad note.

As for Kevin Durant, he obviously got his touches, as he finished the game with 33 points 11 rebounds and 8 assists.

However, Tuesday night, (in the fourth quarter), it was Kyrie Irving who had the memento, and as an competitor, I’m quite sure Kevin Durant understood that.

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