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Who’s Going To Be The Nets Third Star?

After five regular season games, the Brooklyn Nets will end 2020, with an 3-2 record. Their first game of 2021, will be against the Atlanta Hawks. A team they beat by four , (145-141) Tuesday night.

After watching the game against the Hawks, it became painfully obvious that the Nets needs a third star. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were special (Tuesday night) and Jarrett Allen was good. After that, the talent pool dropped drastically.

Caris LeVert appears to have the green light, whenever he comes into the game. However, whoever gave him the greenlight , apparently doesn’t understand that LeVert’s is more of an all around player, then an instant offense guy (You better call Lou Williams). Caris is at his best when he’s allowing the game to come to him, oppose to coming in jacking up shots.

So when asked who’s going to be Brooklyn’s third star?, my reply to that would be, “the rest of the roster”. It makes no sense for Brooklyn to mortgage their future by obtaining players like James Harden or Bradley Beal.

The rest of this roster is just going to have to get better (they have two examples to follow). Somebody other then Durant or Irving, is going to have to become more consistent and help take this team over the top.

De Andre Jordan, Caris Levert, Jarrett Allen, Luwawu – Cabarrot, Jeff Green and Joe Harris, has all had some good moments. However, in order for this team to be an legit contender, those moments are going to have to come regularly.

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