Castle Athletics

Castle Athletics Basketball (NYC) Transforming lives !

New York City –  Castle Athletics is a youth basketball organizations based out of the Harlem New York. The organization takes kids from the age of  6 – 17 and put them Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and varies other youth basketball leagues.

Unlike some basketball organizations, Castle is great with developing young talent. I’ve personally seen young kids come through the doors as a beginner. Be trained then be allowed to compete in tournaments. All while being made to feel like they’re part of something. Every child in their program is treated the same. Doesn’t matter the if the kid is the best player on the team, or just someone learning the game.

This organizations also offer free tutoring to all their players. As a matter of fact, attending a tutor, class is part of the team’s academic requirements for players. When we consider the fact that historically public schools in the inner city have failed children of improvised communities. We have to appreciate the effort that Castle is giving.

Lastly, the organization gives out free team apparel and doesn’t charge parents for tournament fees. So if you have a child that’s interested in playing basketball. Castle Athletics may be a wonderful place to get started at.