Butler headed to the Houston Rockets?

Houston Offers Minnesota Four First Round Picks

Houston Rockets offers the Minnesota Timberwolves four first-round draft picks for Jimmy Butler.  The 29-year old shooting guard/ forward has informed the Timberwolves that he wants to be traded.  He also informed the team that he has no intention on resigning with them at the end of the season. Which makes no sense (to me) that Butler is still wearing a Minnesota Timberwolves uniform.

There’s also reports that Butler allegedly slept with the team’s young star center “Karl Anthony Towns” girlfriend.  If this is true. I’m quite sure that there’s no way the two can co-exists and sufficiently complete in the Western Conference.

However, Houston, on the other hand, is extremely desperate for an NBA Championship. If the Rockets are willing to mortgage their future (like this). Not only are they desperate, but they’re also nuts!.  Adding Jimmy Butler just doesn’t make them the favorites to win the 2019 NBA Championship!. Yes it will looks good on paper, But I question the chemistry that this team will have.

I also question how a hard-nosed defensive player like Jimmy  Butler would co-exist playing alongside non defensive teammates like James Harden and Carmelo Anthony?  How many touches will he get? and will there be enough shots for everybody?.  Personally I feel that if Butler joined the Rockets. The team would have too many egos in the locker room to be successful. Which makes me feel that the Rockets needs to just save their draft picks and figure out what they have going on out there already.

Minnesota on the hand needs to stop acting like Jimmy Butler is the next Micheal Jordan. Get what they can for him and continue to play basketball. Even if it means missing the playoffs.